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Bodybuilding Workouts
competition, this is still bodybuilding. To build muscle size and lose unwanted body fat, you need to do bodybuilding workouts.

  If you do bodybuilding workouts, you'll want to not only gain muscle size, but improve the shape of your physique as well. Training your muscles for proper proportion is a big part of bodybuilding. You don't want to have a big chest without back muscles that are in proportion with them. Training the biceps constantly while neglecting the triceps is another common bodybuilding no-no. And of course there are the leg muscles. If you do bodybuilding workouts, you don't want to focus only on the upper body muscles, you need to train the legs and calves as well.

  Another key to bodybuilding success is to not let your waistline get too thick. You can get rid of the body fat and still have a thick looking waist is you do heavy abdominal and oblique exercises. When you do bodybuilding workouts, make sure to use no or very little weight and a lot of reps when training these muscles.

  For the most, you should keep your reps per set a bit higher when you perform bodybuilding workouts. You can go very heavy with low reps every now and then, but if you are focusing more on bodybuilding rather than powerlifting you shouldn't go less then 8 reps per set too often. You still want to gain strength, just do it with higher rep sets.

  When you start following a bodybuilding workout routine you should do mostly compound exercises to build your muscles. After you've gained some size you can start doing more isolation exercises to help improve the shape of your muscles.

  If you go to the gym, you've probably seen some lifters usings bad exercise form. Whether you're into bodybuilding workouts or any other form of weight training you'll want to avoid doing this. Nothing leads to an injury quicker than poor exercise form. You also need to do full reps on all of your exercises. The stretch you get at the beginning of a rep will help build and shape your muscles. If you're doing partial reps all of the time, drop the weight.

  To avoid plateaus in your bodybuilding workout routine you need to make changes regularly. Try different rep ranges to keep your body guessing. Do a different form of a certain exercise during your next workout. If you do this, you won't hit a wall where you don't have any progress as often.

  If you do all of these things, you'll get more out of your bodybuilding workouts.
  Weight training and bodybuilding go hand in hand. The vast majority of weight trainers want to build muscle mass and lose fat to improve their physiques. Even if you never plan on competing in a